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Ulrich Sourisseau
T560 Vinyl Cutter
Feed back cutter head
Feedback amp
Precision synchron motor
RIAA encoder
Cutter aplifier 2x 350 W

DBX 117 Decliner -
Compressor/ Expander
with 4X Lundhal LL 1540
DBX II 124 Noise reduction -
DBX II Encoder / Decoder
Custom Telefunken Tube - Leveling Amplifie Telefunken cn 750 highcom
Orland Dual Amp LA 2-2.1
Orland Dual Peak limiter
PLM 2X-2
JHC Echo Chamber
Master Room Spingreverb
RTW Program Peak Meter
RTW Phase Meter
DK Audio MSD100

RECORDING                                                              Tore Seem’s 36 track discrete broadcast console
D&R 600 serie 16 track console
Peavey serie 600 "Bill Putnam" 6 track mono console
Kustom MX 30
Sony  MX 650 console
Tore Seem’s 24 track console
Yamaha  EM 150 console
Custom summing console based on TL-Audio tube
J&S vintage 6 track stereo console 1967
Peavey 600- 6 track germanium mono console
DR vintage mono console 1963
Dynacord eminent 100 console 6 track console with tape echo
J&S stereo spring room chamber  1969
Dynacord eminent 100 A console 6 track console with tape echo
Tascam 244 - 4 track cassette recorder
Leem 6 track console with tape echo
T Orland 100w ref amplifier
Philips stella vintage valve AG9016 stereo leveler amp
Arena 15 mosfet stereoamp
Technics SU 9011 pre amp
Technics SE9021 power amp
Phantomas stereo mosfet leveler amp / pre
Phillips lbb 1142 5 track console
TLA VI1 8 channel valve interface
Akai GX630D  4 track tape mashine
Revox Studer A77
Movic tube mono recorder
DP6 Digitalperformer Sequense
Mac Pro & mac book computers
Apogee converters 2 track
Motu Converters 10 track
Motu Converters 24 track

Effects & signal processors
TAMA Techstar (Analog Drum Synthesizer)
JHC JE 6100 (Electronic echo chamber)
Korg Kaos Pad kp2 (echo, delay, filter, effect machine)
Roland RE-301 (Tape Echo)
Kvali Freaks (Spring reverb)
Amdek DMK 100 (Analog delay)
Pioneer SR 202W (Spring reverb)
Akai ME35T (Audio/midi trigger)
Roland M160 (Line mixer)
Tascam MM1 (mixer)

Quali-Freaks Rv 100 spring reverb
Space echo 201 RE - roland tape & spring reverb
AP analog echo Model S 303
Pioneer Sr-202W stereo spring reverberation amplifier
Hagstrom pa 100 - 6 channel stereo spring reverberation amplifier
Sansui RA-500 stereo spring reverberation amplifier
JHC analog reverb / delay
Ross stereo delay
DR Com
Yamaha stereo analog delay echo
Elk tape echo
Redson EC25 tape echo
Fender Rhodes trem / vibrato                              Amdek DMK 100 (Analog delay)

Yellow Sound Stereo TM 280
Yellow Sound Stereo TM 180
Dynaudio m1.5 Costom made main monitor
B&O uniphase D245 costom main monitor
Tannoy system 8 monitor
Telefunken sc27
Tandberg FASETT  monitor
DR broadcast monitor 1968
Tannoy dual concentric 6,5" + super tweeter
B&O uniphase 45 monitor
B&O s45  monitor
Luxman 507x stereo amplifier
Bryston mcl100 stereo amplifier
Technics SU3500 stereo amplifier


Novation Drum Station ( 808/909 drum machine) Novation A Station (Synthesizer)                       ElectrixWarpfactory(Vocoder)                                         Spectral Audio Pro-Tone
Novation A Station (Synthesizer)
Proteus 1xr (Synthesizer Rompler)
Proteus 1 (Synthesizer Rompler)
Roland SH 1 analog synth
Roland SH 5 analog synth
Roland SH 101 analog synth
Roland A01 8-bit digital synth/sequencer
Roland MC303 synth sequencer
MAM TB383 analog bass synth
MAM VF 11 Vocoder
MAM MB33 analog bass synth
OSCar 10 analog synth
Akai Rhythm Wolf Drum Synth/sequencer
Akai ME35T analog to midi trigger
Akai S20 sampler
Akai MPX16 sampler
Akai MPC500 sampler
Korg Volca Beats
Korg Volca Bass
Korg Volca Kyes
Korg Volca Sample                                                   Akai ME35T (Audio/midi trigger)
Arturia microbrute                                           
      TAMA Techstar (Analog Drum Synthesizer)
Chrumar analog Stringer
Philipcorda 22GM751 (Tube Organ)
Elka Rhapsody analog Stringer
Elex / Rheem analog Stringer
Farfisa piano stringer
Eko Tiger analog organ
Bis ! organ
Elgam analog organ
Rheem analog organ
CRB Diamond analog organ
CRB Tanzanite analog organ
CRB Junior analog organ
Wurlitzer electronic piano
Hammond L100  tone wheel organ
Korg cx3 analog organ
Ace Tone Rythm machine

Philips El 3781/00 x2
Philips El 3799/00 x5
Philips El 3751
Philips El 6100/00
Philips El 1979/03 stereo
Philips N 8402 stereo
Philips 8301  x2
Philips 8306 x5
Philips Lbb 9020 x3
Philips El 3782 /03
Philips El 3755
Philips n8 206 x2
philips / beyer m64
Grundig Gdm 312
Grundig Gdm 308
Grundig Gdm 12 - b37
Grundig Gdsm 330 stereo
Grundig Gdsm 202 stereo paired / Sennheiser md 409 x4
Sennheiser md 407 hn
Sennheiser Md 408 n
Sennheiser Md 420 8t
Shure sm57 x6
Shure  Sm 58 x6
Telefunken td7
Ronette  b 110
Meazzi ribbon mic
Calrec cm 656d
Turner u 95
Kelso mb 2464
Tesla amd 331 gooseneck
Coles crystal x2
Uher mic m154
National wm- 2048n
National wm 2002n imp
Ahuja aud 501
Belcanto d9a-ce
Sony mlt f96 x5
sony f 25
Prima italia ud208
Prima italia ug 340
Mecca ms109/07
Akai adm 40
Beyer m55 x2
B&O md 8
B&O  Md 1000
Shure SM 58
Shure SM 57

Selmer L+B 100 amp head
Teisco Tchekmate 45 amp head
Hagstrom pa 100 amp head
Echolette 100 amp head
Dynacord Amigo amp head
Philips s25 amp head
Whatkins Dominator amp
wox cc15 fuss amp
Pevey Monitor booster amp
Peavey PA 120 amp
Peavey Standart PA 200 amp
Peavey Standart guitar amp head
Pevey pa 400 with spring reverb
SAI 150 poweramp

Teisco Tchekmate 2x12" speaker cabinet
Whatkins l x 15" speaker cabinet
Phantomas l x 15" speaker cabinet
Vibrionett oroto tremm speaker cabinet
Leslie model 18 speaker cabinet
Leslie 760 speaker cabinet
Peavey 210 speaker cabinet
Peavey 2 X 210 speaker cabinets
Peavey C-700  115HT Vocal projector
Phantomas 1 X 18" cabinet
Binson 2x12" speaker cabinet
Binson 15" speaker cabinet

Hagstrom kent                                                  Hagstrom kent Bass
EKO sl 3206
EKO planet
Silvertone Jagg
Santana 12 string
Rialo bass short scale
Gibson eb 1 bass



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